The 321 / SiteMarkit Partnership

The 321 / SiteMarkit Partnership

Why 321 is partnering with SiteMarkit?

Genie, president of SiteMarkit is a true business woman. Meaning, most small business owners in the web development space have a ton of technical knowledge but once you speak with them face to face or on the phone, the technical geniuses are not truly business owners; they are technicians. Over time, most web developers can master their trade. But crossing the line in understanding how business owners think is in a world of its own.

Working with business owners, vendors must understand three things-three things that I will not mention in this communication because you either have it or you must learn it. And 321 teaches it.

Technology is often marketed as cold, unemotional applications which tend to separate itself from potential business clients. That’s not the case with Genie. Whether Genie’s software solution is a tested and proven third party application or an application she wrote herself, Genie understands how software and companies must work in unison in the eyes of consumers.

Consumers can tell if the business owner is so far separated from the website business application that he or she cannot deliver great customer service if an application error issue develops, creating dissatisfied customers and reduced sales.

In fact, to give readers an example of the trust Genie’s customers have in her talent and expertise, some customers have chosen, at Genie’s recommendation, 2nd tier software knowing that Genie understands customers do not need to purchase 1st tier software if 2nd tier software performs identically and saves customers money.

Here’s a big SiteMarkit advantage for companies who have outsourced website and digital advertising (social media) components.



Let’s look at the following questions:

  • What happens when a company is not able to respond proactively to presale communications, losing sales for the business owner who is paying the vendor?
  • If you are a business owner using another vendor and not Genie, how do you know if digital advertising contacts are responding favorably (or at all) to your ads?
  • Can your current vendor show you how to improve or increase follow-up and follow-through?
  • Does your digital advertising vendor know when and how to proactively handle potential sales or buy-signal inquiries?

What makes the 321 and SiteMarkit partnership so powerful is the capability to maximize and deliver on the top public relations based marketing and digital advertising campaigns.

I just gave you a glimpse into business owners’ digital advertising service concerns. Unfortunately, digital advertising for most small business owners is a slow process and a company’s success cannot and will not be driven solely by website or posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the other digital platforms. No company looking to stay in business, long-term, would put their success in one digital basket.

Plus, digital advertising can be very expensive if your business is small or is a startup. Large companies with six-figure advertising budgets can outspend small companies annually by a 10:1 margin.

For instance, in the South Florida counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, our records show there are at least 12,000 attorneys and/or law firms. The legal profession has the term “ambulance chaser” attached to it. I know it might sound funny or stereotypical, but attorneys, in reality, literally are chasing business.

People don’t need attorneys until they need attorneys. Meaning, no one looks for or needs legal advice or legal presentation until a legal crisis occurs.

Solving this issue leads to small law firms deciding on how they will split their time into looking for business and working cases.

Is the time split 70%, attorneys looking for cases, and 30% working on the cases?

Or, is the time split 50%, attorneys looking for cases, and 50% working on the cases?

At larger law firms, principals and partners may have enough money to purchase TV, radio, newspapers ads and invest in digital advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, most new two-person law firms do not have marketing budgets that overwhelmingly exceed revenues in the beginning.

In NYC (all boroughs), there are at least 10,000 real estate agents and/or brokers. In our database, we show at least 16,000 brokers and/or agents in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. The closer agent count announced by First Tuesday, as of January 2018, is 75,000 agents in those four counties.

About 15,000 escrows close every month in the four Southern California counties. So you can see the disparity of how many agents with licenses and the number of closed escrows. Another search shows there are over 19,000 dentists in those same four California counties. The dental industry and patient engagement have a story of its own to tell.

With the numbers of these licensed and certified professionals, you can see that it’s not hard to spend tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, to buy your way into the eyeballs, hearts and minds of consumers. And what if you didn’t not spend enough? Or, what if your digital advertising strategy was weaker than the other businesses?

I know that was a long-winded segue to discuss the 321 side of the 321-SiteMarkit partnership and how we believe our partnership can bring two different marketing disciplines to companies to increase their performance, productivity and profitability.

Again, Genie knows that website generated business has a six-month window, minimum, for all the SEO magic to place websites at the top of search engines. But what if businesses could implement a more direct approach to contacting and prospecting for more business? Or, implement a marketing strategy to give business owners data showing how many people are being contacted and prospected? Or, and most importantly, deliver qualified prospects to business owners?

What if businesses had a marketing campaign to meet with prospects in a live setting and realize immediate business growth and/or receive feedback in a matter of days instead of weeks or months to do better next time?

What if the business could actually measure ROI without guessing if the marketing or advertising strategy is effective or not?

Personally, and pertaining to my own business, I would rather know one week from now the results of my marketing strategy than three months from the day I spent $5,000 and received little to no business…and the advertising company has your $5,000 whether you win or lose.

What would a powerful marketing strategy like this look like, where a marketing program had a large dose of public relations with kick ass, proactive digital advertising support?

The 321-SiteMarkit partnership is what business clients have been looking for to increase company performance, productivity and profitability.

In closing, prospective 321-SiteMarkit clients should remember the following phrases as reminders of what you read and heard today:

All parties satisfied, all expectations met.

What we teach, we can market. What we sell, we can do.

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