Start a Local Business Advisory Group

Start a Local Business Advisory Group

First, I want to thank a Southern California CPA for validating a strategy our company had developed a few years ago but had not yet implemented. Like they say, “timing is everything”. Maybe it took a few years for business owners to look at their operations with more focus.

Today’s podcast topic is why you start a Business Advisory Group (BAG) if you are an attorney, a CPA, a financial planner, a mortgage broker or a real estate broker located in the US or Canada. A Business Advisory Group is not a networking group. It’s for serious business owners looking for smart, reliable methods to sustain or grow their businesses.

Whether your state, province, territory or local area economy is in a state of flux or it’s stable, there are millions of small business owners and consumers who could use your expertise to help them make decisions with legal matters, business planning, finances, or real property.

In states on the West Coast and in the Tri-State area, where business climates are subject to change every three months due to new taxes and regulations, business owners could use support from a Business Advisory Group to help with evaluating, modifying or maintaining their current business practices when it comes to legal issues, marketing, estate planning or making real estate decisions.

Even in regions in the US with more stable economies and strong business climates, there are decisions to make when it comes to risk management, hiring, increasing market share, or hitting target revenues to achieve desired profit margins.

The Business Advisory Groups can help companies operate proactively instead of reactively.

Some companies could use branding ideas. Other companies need hard contacting and prospecting numbers. Then there are companies which could use a hybrid of branding and hard numbers. Some companies could use better sales methods when meeting with prospects to have better closing ratios. In all scenarios, Business Advisory Groups help business owners make the best decisions.


What's in it for you as a business advisory group leader?

There will be less and less of a need for your practice to chase after business. Like the late Zig Ziglar said: “If you help people get what they, you will receive what you want.”

Your skill, knowledge and expertise will be communicated faster in your local community, translating into more referrals at minimal to no cost to your practice.


What's in it for your business advisory group members?

Your members will get reliable, practical information that makes sense today with a professional who keeps an eye on the future.

Business owners will minimize if not eliminate costly, trial and error methods to grow their businesses. There are sales and marketing, best practice solutions to yield favorable return on investments or ROI.


What's in it for 321 Biz Dev LLC?

We can help grow Business Advisory Group members. We speak the language of business. We can help design and executive both strategic and tactical sales and marketing plans.

Our company can equip groups with sales training and business development support to help drive growth objectives.