321 Is Now All Business Development

321 Is Now All Business Development

After 4 years of providing sales training to over 500 salespersons, our company has move to supporting the new client acquisition needs for the following industries:

  • Real estate brokers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Attorneys
  • Dentists
  • Cosmetic surgeons
  • Insurance brokers
  • Home builders

Our sales training programs have helped many small business owners control sales interview outcomes and deliver positive customer experiences. The sales training programs will always be available, on demand.

Our efforts are now focused on helping our clients minimize the time between adding new customers and working with our client to reduce advertising and marketing costs.

Business owners will now have a choice between sometimes costly, low ROI traditional marketing and advertising (print, radio, television) and 321’s rapid response, high ROI Virtual Account Executive (VAE) approach.

As a former account executive and sales manager at a Fortune 500 company in Los Angeles, our company has the experience and the mindset to deliver this high level, business development service to small business owners who would, otherwise, not have access to this service due to the investment (expense).

Small business owners who can afford to hire a full-time account executive are paying the salaries below regardless if the account executive performs well or not.

Salesperson turnover is extremely high at small companies because most small companies cannot afford to spend $15,000 to $25,000 per person for formal sales training courses.

Click link below to view the Account Executive pay scale.

Account Executive Pay Scale

321’s Virtual Account Executive (VAE) business development rapid response feature gives our clients the power to meet sales performance objectives in much shorter times than print, TV, radio formats and even social media.

321’s VAE service guarantees high ROI for two reasons:

The service is on-demand. Clients are not wasting money purchasing dead end leads and spending money on low probability sales opportunities with uncertain sales cycles.

The service is affordable compared to any marketing plan on the planet for concerned businesses that track revenues to expense data.

321’s VAE service helps small business owners improve their lifestyles as they may be able to work normal 8-to-5 hours instead of worrying and wondering after work or during the night finding more business.

321’s VAE service cuts out the fluff in meeting your business goals. A lot of business owners out of the kindness in their hearts feel the need to volunteer for worthy causes in return to promote their businesses. The VAE creates separation. Yes, volunteer honestly and earnest because you believe in the causes.

321 also has partnered with an incredibly talented web developer. Genie, president at SiteMarkit Solutions, has 12 years experience in website design, digital advertising (social media) and software application.

Listen to this YouTube where I summarized Genie’s approach to supporting business owners with maximizing their digital presence.

Technology is often marketed as cold, unemotional applications which tend to separate itself from potential business clients. That’s not the case with Genie.

Whether Genie’s software solution is a tested and proven third party application or an application she wrote herself, Genie understands how software and companies must work in unison in the eyes of consumers.

Our slogan for 2018 and beyond is:

What we teach, we can market. What we market, we can sell.